Geotech Consultants . was founded in 1976.The activities of this firm, in the beginning was confined to geotechnical engineering and soil surveys. We expanded, with the passage of time and available opportunities to breitling replica include environmental engineering, design  of airports, roads, highway and bridges etc.


The facility of testing laboratories is now a separate division. It is extensively used to support our design work, construction supervision (monitoring), analysis and sampling of our environmental  and public health engineering  works.

The firm specializes in the design & supervision of  roads, highways and airfields  particularly the   the design of pavements  and environmental engineering .


We are listed on the panel of "Potential Engineers and Architects" of the United State Agency of international Development mission to Pakistan for whom we had worked for Rehabilitation of road and  experimental road projects in 13 districts of  Sindh.


Geotech Consultants  is also proud to be associated with Messrs.A.R.E USA in performing Destructive  and Non - Destructive testing for evaluation of airport, highway pavement through Computer software such as DYNA, BASFIT,ELSYMSS,AIRPAVE,AIRPOD,ELMOD 1.2.3 evaluation of layer module and over lay design BRAMS,bridge rehabilitation and maintenance management system. comprehensive environmental services (CEMS) .




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