Environmental Engineering    

Environmental and Public Health Engineering  division,handling the following sectors




Surface and groundwater  resources    

Municipal and Industrial Water Supply    

Sewerage and Drainage Systems    

Water and Sewerage Treatment system    

Liquid and Soild Waste Management    

Industrial and Urban Pollution Control    

OiL and Gas  Industries    

Ecological studies    
  Services Rendered      

Formal environmental management structure (planning & designing H.S.E for organization).    

Establishing system of reporting, recording and corrective action procedure    

Analysis of product i.e. gas,oil,and water from the wells,eveluation of the impact, their release into water, air or soil,. analysis of gas for its  composition. Water analysis for salinity and  pH value, the quality of water discharged into the wells / pits, prevention of pollution


Emergency response plan  for oil pipe line leakage. fire incidence, oil spill, and incidents    

Identification of different sources of pollution & nature of pollution releases to land, soil and ground water      
Domestic sewerage generated at site and its disposal, domestic wastewater treatment plant, and suggesting monitoring methods      
Noise releases assessment and measures to reduce to acceptable level    
Disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous material such as drilling mud..    
Examine storage with emphasis on bulk liquid and assessment of associated risk Adequacy and condition of the facilities e.g. tanks, pipe line,spillage,containment bunds, over fill prevention,condition.Monitoring of these facilities    
Site safety inspection (routine site and plant inspection plant components)    
Phase I and II environmental site assessments
Asbestos  and Lead inspections, its environmental impact indoor air quality sampling    
Containment source, identification and disposal    
Subsurface Investigations    
Regulatory compliance, audits and permitting      
Environmental document peer Review      
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